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Mike Brown LOVES


The Center for Tech & Civic Life (CTCL), which boasts about being a major supplier of voter data to Facebook, received over $350 million from Mark Zuckerberg in 2020. Thanks to Mike Brown, Zuckerberg money was used to fund Kansas elections in 2020. 
2020 Elections

The 2020 Elections

October 8
Mike Brown calls the CTCL offer a "nice surprise" and leads the charge to bring over $850,000.00 in Zuckerbucks to Johnson County elections

Commissioner Brown makes the motion to add the CTCL discussion to the agenda.

Commissioner Brown says the CTCL is providing a "nice surprise, nice gift" and tells the BOCC he is ready to make the motion.

Commissioner Brown moves to accept $856,245.00 in Zuckerbucks from the CTCL for Johnson County elections.

Lying to Voters
Mike Brown led the charge in Johnson County, accepting over $850,000.00 in Zuckerbucks from the Center for Tech & Civic Life. Mike should have known better. #IntegrityFirst
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Grants Received by Local Election Offices
Kansas Legislative Post Audit, Published August 2021
  • "In 2020, CTCL made election grants available to local election offices for the first time."

  • "25 Kansas counties applied for the grant and were awarded $2.3 million dollars in CTCL grants."

  • "The grants were the subject of some political concerns."​

  • "Under a new state law, counties will not be able to accept these types of grants in the future."

Mike Brown didn't think twice about risking election integrity in Johnson County.

Watch the full video segment from the October 8, 2020 Johnson County BOCC meeting.

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